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How to clean Leather iPhone case


Leather cases looks so elegant and classy that’s why people love it so much and it makes a good impression on others when you have one classyApple Leather case. But with this beauty, caring of this case is quite difficult, if you are working in sectors like construction, manufacturing units or any other fields, where dust exist around you then you should not buy leather case because there is a chance to get your case dirty easily. After sometime leather case turn into dry and has some scratches if you had dropped it ever. We can clean leather case at home. We can polish the case with the leather cleaner and conditioner which you can get online or any general store around you. Here is the step by step process for you.


Before we start please note there are two type of leather material you can see below in picture.


Suede and Alcantara Leather case

1st is Hard Leather case and 2nd is Alcantara or Suede Leather case the difference between this both material is what you can see in above picture, Hard material is easy to clean compare to Suede Leather as you can see suede or Alcantara Leather is little velvety.

  • Let see the method for Hard Leather case
  1. First take two separate rags of soft cotton or microfiber which we use to clean glasses.
  2. Rub the rag gently on case so the dust is over there would remove.
  3. Put one drop of cleaner on the case in round shape then rub the surface with the rag gently and rub it from every corner of your case.
  4. After that you will see the case will be lighter, wait for few minutes and then take a drop of conditioner on other rag and rub that on the surface of case, don’t forget any corner of it.

With this method you can clean your hard leather cases and even you can be successful to hide light scratches on your case.

  • Now let see the method for Suede or Alcantara Leather case
  1. First take two rags one of damp cotton and another one of microfiber, brush with soft bristles, and sonnax Alcantara upholstery cleaner.
  2. Rub damp cotton rag upon your case to clear dirt and moisten it.
  3. Now take cleaner it would be in foam style so shake it little and spray on case’s surface.
  4. Now rub brush on the surface gentely to wipe out dirt. Do it on every corner of the case.
  5. After this take microfiber rag and clean the case with it. That’s it you will see the changes on your case, you will find it clean and shiny.

Here is the whole process how you can clean iphone Leather cases give us comment if you find this information useful or if you have any question regarding this methods or you can share any other methods you know.



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